Easton Press vs. Folio Society

The Easton Press vs. Folio Society debate. What books should I collect? Easton Press vs. Folio Society? Almost every book collector faces this question eventually. In our Easton Press vs. Folio Society post, we want to make it simple as possible. Here is my personal thoughts on the subject. I have a lot more Easton Press books than Folio Society. I am more inclined to the classic leather bound book, and Easton Press fits that well. I also don’t always like the Folio Society graphics or cover designs, which is a personal choice of course.

So, what about costs and value as far as investment goes? If you are looking to collect books as an investment, you should reconsider. There are books that will appreciate in value over the issue price tremendously over time, but most of them will not. Personally, I buy the majority of my books used and can often find great deals on them. This goes for both Easton Press and Folio Society. Once in a blue moon, you might even come across a great set of books like the Easton Press The Lord of the Rings Set (I’ve never been that lucky!)

My advice is to buy a book you will love to look at, regardless of the publisher. If you really want to “make money” collecting books, your best bet is going to garage sales and estate sales and looking through a ton of books. Seriously, that is the most profit and fun you will have collecting books. I have found first editions in like new condition, signed books, and even limited edition signed books available for under a $1 at these type of sales.

If you are still not sure about choosing between EP and Folio, there are many opinions and debates, such as this debate from Librarything.