I am trying to find out more about the artist in a sketchbook I picked up a few years ago. It is dated I believe to 1942. If you have any information, please contact me at “jratliff at gmail dot com”. The little sketch book consists of numerous drawings and sketches. I will post some of the sketches below. Some of the names mentioned include Ruth Pulliam of Amarillo Texas, Zoraida Stoddard of Glendale Arizona (Married Name was Twitty), Olin Hinkle Professor of Journalism University of Texas, Ann Jones of Arvada Colorado, Eula Moore of Denver Colorado, Kathryn Rogers of Des Moines Iowa, Jeannette Fields possibly of Denver Colorado. Some of the sketches include locations of: The Country Store in Northampton, Thompson Park, Hallett Peak, Longs Peak, and Glacier Basin. There is also a photo of Mrs. Twitty for comparison to the sketches.

You can click on the scanned image for a bigger picture. I will work on getting the rest posted as well.